AI Asset Tech Company, quantumrock, partners with Monaco’s Jukoї Capital, expanding global distribution of AI/ML investment products

Quantumrock cements international reputation through “local champions” initiative in major financial hubs worldwide

AI-driven investment and asset technology company, Quantumrock, announces today its partnership with Monaco-based investment management group, Jukoï Capital, for the distribution of Quantumrock’s unique AI/ML financial solutions. Combining Quantumrock’s prowess in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate world class asset management solutions and Jukoï Capital’s extensive knowledge of the international investment landscape, the collaboration further cements Quantumrock’s global reputation as a pioneer in the FinTech space. As Quantumrock’s “local champion” for Monaco, Jukoï Capital is signaling its support for the group’s AI-generated risk-adjustment solutions.

As Quantumrock’s “local champion” for Monaco, our team is proud to lead the promotion and distribution of trailblazing artificial intelligence asset management technology developed by Quantumrock’s team.

Quantumrock’s “local champions” initiative is part of a larger internationalization strategy for the AI-driven asset management company. Launching in the key financial hub of Monaco with Jukoï Capital, the group will go on to partner with other highly influential asset management and investment companies at prominent financial locations worldwide as part of a larger product distribution drive. By collaborating in this way, Quantumrock is able to further establish itself as an international player in cutting edge investment and asset management solutions.

Quantumrock is excited to partner with Jukoï Capital and bring together our combined expertise in trading, investment, and technology to enable the distribution of our AI-generated financial solutions.

As the first partnership to launch the “local champions” initiative, Jukoï Capital and Quantumrock are an ideal fit. Jukoï Capital’s team is dedicated to delivering sustainable, long-term results with a focus on adaptability as a key driver of success. By embracing the competitive advantages offered by Quantumrock’s AI-generated risk-adjusted returns for investment managers and asset holders, the group demonstrates its deep-rooted commitment to adaptability as a tool to weather all market conditions.

Providing the location for the launch of the “local champions” initiative, historic financial marketplace Monaco offers a host of advantages as a financial center in the current climate. With its high-quality infrastructure, a diversified economic base and a strong environmental commitment, the sovereign Principality serves as an appealing base for investors and asset management companies alike.

About Jukoï Capital

Jukoï Capital is a regulated Asset Manager created by top executives from Tier One European Investment Banks. Its team has developed a strong expertise in financial markets over the past 25 years and brings to Monaco its outstanding track record in developing investment solutions.

About quantumrock

Since its foundation in 2016, quantumrock has established itself as a pioneer in the financial industry with the aim of identifying and developing innovative asset classes. By introducing coloured gemstones as a professional asset class, quantumrock underlines its commitment to cultivating new and attractive investment opportunities for professional investors. Headquartered in Munich with subsidiaries in Luxembourg and Dubai, quantumrock works with investors worldwide.
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