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We leverage our extensive expertise to navigate the complex financial landscape to identify unique investment opportunities for our clients. We focus on delivering sophisticated, well-structured, and strategic investment options, aiming to provide distinctive yet reliable avenues for financial growth to our investors.

About quantumrock

Since our inception in 2016, quantumrock has been a dynamic presence in the financial industry, dedicated to uncovering reliable sources of alpha for our clients. Our journey began with the launch of our first investment product in July 2016. This foundation of experience and knowledge has guided us to our latest pioneering venture: introducing gemstones as a professional asset class.

Over the years, our expertise has expanded across various commodity-based investment strategies including a diverse range of sectors such as Crude Oil, Energy, Agriculture, and Precious Metals. This extensive experience has been instrumental in guiding our foray into the world of gemstones.

Gemstones stand out for their historically attractive return profiles and their resilience to market volatility, attributes that are increasingly prized in today’s fluctuating economic climates. Despite their potential, the lack of investment-grade, liquid options for professional investors to access this asset class at scale has been a notable gap in the market. quantumrock is proud to announce that this gap is now being filled.

With our deep-rooted experience and innovative approach, we have developed a structured, regulated, and scalable platform compliant with Luxembourg law. This allows us to introduce gemstones as a viable investment option, with a potential volume of approximately USD 5 billion within the next 12 months.

The first gemstone product, Rough Gemstone I, launched in October 2023 with a volume of 175 million USD.

The market’s enthusiastic response has set the stage for our next launch in January 2024, with an expected volume of USD 350 million. We invite you to join us in this exciting venture, where the timeless allure of gemstones meets the cutting-edge world of investment.

“We are excited about the listing of our Rough Gemstone I Secured Certificates in Luxembourg and Frankfurt. This development reflects our unwavering commitment to establishing Gemstones as a viable and sophisticated asset class.”

– Stefan Tittel, CEO & Founder of quantumrock

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