Paladigm Quantumrock Crisis Alpha ETI is now available for investment

The Paladigm Quantumrock Crisis Alpha strategy is an innovative investment approach designed by leveraging Quantumrock’s Equity Alpha strategy. 

The product combines various alpha sources, including long volatility (VIX Futures), short equity (S&P500 Futures), and equity recovery strategies (S&P500 Futures), all of which are designed with the aim of generating significant returns for investors during market corrections while avoiding a negative carry during non-volatile markets. 

By incorporating the Paladigm Quantumrock Crisis Alpha strategy into their portfolios, investors can expect to see an improvement in their portfolio metrics, including average returns, and reduced volatility and maximum drawdown of their portfolio, especially during times of crisis. 

Overall, the Paladigm Quantumrock Crisis Alpha strategy is a smart choice for investors looking to enhance their portfolio performance while reducing risk.

The Paladigm Quantumrock Crisis Alpha ETI is now available for investment at Boerse Stuttgart:

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Since its foundation in 2016, quantumrock has established itself as a pioneer in the financial industry with the aim of identifying and developing innovative asset classes. By introducing coloured gemstones as a professional asset class, quantumrock underlines its commitment to cultivating new and attractive investment opportunities for professional investors. Headquartered in Munich with subsidiaries in Luxembourg and Dubai, quantumrock works with investors worldwide.
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