quantumrock partners with Paladigm Capital to bring AI-driven equity portfolio enhancement strategy to wider Asian market

The partnership will utilize quantumrock’s Equity Alpha strategy to enhance clients’ equity portfolios in Southeast and Central Asian markets through Crisis Alpha

Munich-based artificial intelligence-focused asset tech company, quantumrock, announces today its partnership with trusted Singapore-based asset management partner, Paladigm Capital, to bring quantumrock’s Equity Alpha strategy to the Singaporean and wider Asian market, in particular Kazakhstan. The partnership between quantumrock and Paladigm Capital has been launched with the creation of a new investment vehicle for quantumrock’s Equity Alpha, which will be the first in a series of joint products. The investment vehicle will be seed-funded by Paladigm to provide alpha-driven downside protection to their own funds and managed portfolios. The vehicle will be available for other investors in the third quarter of 2022.

We’re excited to be partnering with Paladigm Capital to bring the portfolio-enhancing benefits of our Equity Alpha strategy to more clients in the Southeast Asian market.

Singapore-based Paladigm Capital is led by an investment team of experienced entrepreneurs seeking profitable and disruptive investment opportunities in the frontier markets of Central Asia and emerging economies of Southeast Asia. With a goal to integrate and aggregate innovative financial solutions to achieve investment objectives, this latest partnership with quantumrock is the perfect next step for the Southeast Asian asset management company. The partnership’s joint investment vehicle will allow more investors to access quantumrock’s Equity Alpha strategy which combines long volatility and long/short equity strategies with the purpose of enhancing clients’ equity portfolios through the generation of so-called Crisis Alpha during market turmoil.

This partnership with quantumrock is an exciting opportunity for us at Paladigm to offer our clients access to an outstanding long volatility product and, thus, downside protection driven by the latest technology in artificial intelligence.

About Paladigm Capital

Headquartered in Singapore, Paladigm Capital is a trusted asset and wealth management partner in Central and Southeast Asia. Founded with a vision to bring clarity to an overcrowded world of finance, Paladigm Capital is led by experienced entrepreneurs with proven credentials who integrate and aggregate innovative financial solutions to achieve investment objectives with prudent management of capital and risk. Armed with first-hand information, unparalleled research and in-depth market insights, Paladigm Capital’s investment team is entrusted by clients to manage assets through different economic cycles for maximum returns.

About quantumrock

Since its foundation in 2016, quantumrock has established itself as a pioneer in the financial industry with the aim of identifying and developing innovative asset classes. By introducing coloured gemstones as a professional asset class, quantumrock underlines its commitment to cultivating new and attractive investment opportunities for professional investors. Headquartered in Munich with subsidiaries in Luxembourg and Dubai, quantumrock works with investors worldwide.
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