quantumrock launches the quantumrock Treasury Alpha Add-On – now available on the quantumrock Treasuries Index via Credit Suisse (Bloomberg: CSEAQRUE)

The investable index enables increased investor access to multiple portfolio-enhancing capabilities

The quantumrock Treasury Alpha Add-On, a unique strategy from the Munich-based team of deep tech engineers and financial experts which enhances fixed income portfolios, will now be available via the quantumrock Treasuries Index issued by Credit Suisse, one of the world’s leading financial services providers. The development of the index provides institutional investors access to the quantumrock Treasury Alpha Add-On via various vehicles as well as enabling them to directly benefit from the portfolio-enhancing capabilities of the Alpha Add-On in their own portfolios.

The quantumrock Treasuries Index will provide investors with numerous opportunities to benefit from the quantumrock Treasury Alpha Add-On. We are very proud that Credit Suisse, one of the very big names in the industry, brings our product to market so prominently.

The quantumrock Treasury Alpha Add-On enhances portfolios holding fixed income exposure through short trading strategies. The Alpha Add-On combines systematic strategies that predict the US Treasury market’s movements and, in accordance, takes occasional short positions in the 10-Year US Treasury future. The development of the new investable index enables investors to use vehicles such as total return swaps to supplement the portfolio-enhancing properties of the Alpha Add-On in their portfolios.

The benefits made more accessible to investors thanks to the investable index for the quantumrock Treasury Alpha Add-On are wide-ranging. The Alpha Add-On provides an enhancement of portfolios holding fixed income exposure through a significant and continuous improvement of the portfolio’s metrics, reduction of protection costs, and regular expansion of alpha sources. These benefits are achieved by timing the market instead of holding continuous positions, regular retraining and modification, and a high discovery rate of alpha sources by quantumrock’s unique, automated AI Platform. The launch of the quantumrock Treasuries Index by Credit Suisse is further industry recognition of the success of quantumrock’s AI Platform at identifying opportunities for alpha generation.

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Since its foundation in 2016, quantumrock has established itself as a pioneer in the financial industry with the aim of identifying and developing innovative asset classes. By introducing coloured gemstones as a professional asset class, quantumrock underlines its commitment to cultivating new and attractive investment opportunities for professional investors. Headquartered in Munich with subsidiaries in Luxembourg and Dubai, quantumrock works with investors worldwide.
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